20 Years in I.T.

...is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Either way, I realised this week that I started my IT career back in September 1988, which is 20 years ago. My how time whizzes by when you're having fun!

'Back in the day' I started out on an IBM mainframe green-screen writing Cobol against a hierarchical  IMS DB/DC database in an OLTP environment. That was at Royal Insurance in Liverpool.

After a transfer to the 'IS team' I was soon up to my neck in all things Teradata, and that was back in 1989. The machine needed re-booting a lot, but it was still better writing SQL than Cobol. It probably still is.

After leaving Royal in '92 I headed to the Teradata team at Bank Of America in San Francisco for a year. That was great fun, and the Bay Area left a lasting impression. No surprises there then.

Back in the UK, I was a Teradata contractor at various place such as NCR/Teradata, Abbey National, British Airways, LloydsTSB and Littlewoods.

In 2002 I formed a boutique BI consultancy that carried out many successful Teradata, Netezza and SQL Server projects for companies such as Vodafone, Co-op, Iceland, Littlewoods, EMR, Park Group and others.

Here's to another 20 years...