Pivotal HD 1.0 Now Shipping

Pivotal HD 1.0

Pivotal HD 1.0 Now Shipping

Pivotal announced yesterday that Pivotal HD 1.0 is now shipping. You can read all about it here on El Reg.

For those of you wondering who Pivotal are, let's wind back a bit.

Once upon a time there was a media company called Metapa (2000), which bought database company called Didera and became Greenplum (2003), Greenplum was bought by EMC (2010) to become EMC Greenplum. The eponymous Greenplum product was/is an MPP version of PostgreSQL, just like Netezza and Asterdata. The EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA) shipped with Greenplum DBMS nodes and Hadoop nodes.

Pivotal was formed in 2013 as  joint venture between EMC, VMWare  (owned by EMC since 2004) and GE.As MPP specialists, we've been big fans of Greenplum for a long time - probably since 2003 during the Metapa days.

We had dinner and drinks with Greenplum's big cheeses Luke Lonergan and Scott Yara, along with Netezza founder Foster Hinshaw, in Seattle during the 2004 Teradata Partners event of all places. Luke and Scott were searching for database engineering talent. The very smart move they made was to hire Chuck McDevitt, ex-Teradata and Ab Initio. Once Chuck was on board we had a sneaky feeling this Greenplum thing was going to work.

Pivotal HD is available as a VM, a community edition and an enterprise edition. The community edition can be used for free with up to 50 Hadoop nodes, but seems to be lacking the Hawq SQL database component.

The Pivotal VM that includes Pivotal HD and the Greenplum/Hawq database can be downloaded here - be warned though it's a 2Gb file.

Good to see the default admin userid is still our old friend 'gpadmin' from Greenplum days:

Pivotal VM desktop

We'll post more on the Pivotal HD VM once we've kicked the tyres a bit more.

This may have to wait until our shiny new fleet of Apple MacBook Airs with 8GB RAM arrives in the next few days :-)