Dataupia Gets Crunched

The credit crunch well and truly bit Dataupia recently. A pretty accurate version of events can be found here:

Me thinks a disgruntled ex-staffer dished the dirt given the accuracy of the news story. Maybe even a VP?

Maybe one day I'll tell my that would be interesting ;-)

Two of the biggest successes came from yours truly, Jonathan and Richard in the UK. The Subex system weighed in at 100 billion rows on Oracle and the ITIS system chipped in with 25 billion rows on SQL Server. Both pretty impressive numbers.

The first Subex POC system was built at my house and driven to the BT data centre in the back of my car. We took it slow and steady (about 85 mph) for the 4 hour drive down to Ipswich in case sudden braking decapitated either of us.

So, joining Foster at Dataupia never made me rich after all. Good to hear he's making a full recovery after the heart surgery. Maybe we'll go flying in MA again when I'm next over in the US?

Ah well, back to high-end database consulting for me then, and an end to being a wage slave.

Whoa, there's still a recession out there!