Dearly Departed

It is with great sadness that we learned of the recent passing of Mike Larkins. Although Mike had been ill for some time he never let it get him down.

As well as being a real old-fashioned gent, Mike was a Teradata and SQL guru and a wonderful trainer. He was happy to take a plane across the pond and come and help us out several times a year with Teradata training to our UK customers.

We were always very happy when Mike was coming as we knew the course would receive rave reviews from the students. Few things in life are as predictable.

Mike, we'll miss you.

It's 10 years since Peter 'Blakers' Blakeburn passed away. Peter's former colleagues from the LloydsTSB data warehousing team are organising a night out in Manchester in late November/early December.

I'll be raising a glass for the best manager I ever worked for, and I'm sure there are many others that feel the same way.