Greenplum Single Node Edition

I've finally had to chance to follow-up on the Greenplum single node edition news.

See here for details from Greenplum:

Curt Monash's blog post on the subject is here:

It makes a lot of sense from both the vendor's perspective and the user's perspective to start with an affordable SMP edition of an MPP product. And free is certainly cheap.

This approach allows the user to dip a toe in the water with no investment in lot's of tin for an MPP setup required from the outset.

Once happy with the technology it's comforting to know that scaling out from SMP to MPP can be achieved without changing the DBMS, ETL and applications. The cost and risk of such a change can be a major barrier to MPP adoption based on my experiences.If things don't go well, the SMP edition it can be simply switched off as there is no software investment to re-coup. So, on the face of it the whole situation has been significantly  de-risked from a user perspective.

The detail is as follows: 

    • single SMP node


  • up to 2 CPU sockets


  • any number of cores (up to 8 on a VM)


  • any amout of storage


  • column and row storage supported


  • SQL And MapReduce supported


  • free community support or paid-for support available


  • OSX, Linux or Solaris versions available

  It will interesting to see if this drives Greenplum adoption.