IBM, Netezza and Teradata Real World Experiences

IBM, Netezza and Teradata

IBM, Netezza and Teradata Real World Experiences

This was an evening session at TDWI (Las Vegas, March 2005) that covered real-world IBM DB2, Netezza and Teradata experiences.

The full title was: "Selecting the Right Data Warehouse: Three Experts Discuss Hands-On Experiences with IBM, Netezza and Teradata"

Myself, Tom Coffing (Coffing Data Warehousing) and Srinivasan Ramaswamy (Systech Solutions) were the speakers involved.

Here's the TDWI report:

Conference Overview

:'Our Winter Conference drew attendees from 40 states, and we had visitors from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. This was truly a worldwide event! TDWI’s Business Intelligence Strategies Program was our most popular course of the week, followed by “TDWI Data Modeling” and “TDWI Data Warehousing Architectures.”

Keynotes from the report:

"The data warehouse that is right for your business depends on your requirements for performance, flexibility, cost, specific applications, and many other factors. To make the best decision, you need to understand the relative strengths and limitations of today’s market-leading offerings from companies like IBM, Netezza, and Teradata. Join three experts to learn their best practices and takeaways from hands-on experience deploying and using these vendors’ products at live customer sites.

Participants learned:

• Architectural differences between IBM, Netezza, and Teradata products.

• Strengths and applicability of each offering.

• Techniques and best practices for successful implementations based on real-life customer deployments.

• Common pitfalls and what to avoid."Any excuse for a trip to Vegas ;-)