Loading Greenplum From An External Table

Ok, we've got Greenplum up and running and now we want to load some data. There are several methods available, of which we'll look at external tables.This demo will load a simple file containing 2 fields and 10 records into an empty table.Here is the input file:gpadmin$ more test1.txt1,aaa2,bbb3,ccc4,ddd5,eee6,fff7,ggg8,hhh9,iii10,jjjSo, let's create an external table called 'test1':CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE TEST1 (COL1 INT, COL2 TEXT) LOCATION ('gpfdist://gpdemo:8080/*') FORMAT 'TEXT' (DELIMITER ',');We now have a table that maps to an external file. This table can be queried just like a normal table:test=# select * from test1;col1 | col2------+------1 | aaa2 | bbb3 | ccc4 | ddd5 | eee6 | fff7 | ggg8 | hhh9 | iii10 | jjj(10 rows)To load the 10 records from the external table 'test1' to the table 'test_load' we simply run an INSERT/SELECT statement via psql:INSERT INTO TEST_LOAD SELECT * FROM TEST1;The target table 'test_load' now contains the same data as the external table 'test1' from which it has been loaded:test=# select * from test_load;col1 | col2------+------2 | bbb4 | ddd6 | fff8 | hhh10 | jjj1 | aaa3 | ccc5 | eee7 | ggg9 | iii(10 rows)So there you have it - a simple load into Greenplum from a file that is treated as an external table.