Mark Hurd Leaves HP...shocker!

Mark Hurd leaves HP, so what, where's the angle? Well, he was the CEO at NCR when NCR owned Teradata...that's the angle!

That man that used to run NCR, that used to own Teradata, left HP a few days ago as reported on El Reg:

he possible impact on HP was reported by the New York Times:

Mr. Hurd's tennis buddy Larry over at OraSun was less than impressed:

El Reg thane asked the obvious question - did HP over-react to the wrongdoings:

Having met the man himself and listened to him talk at several Teradata Partners events, it came as no surprise to me when Mr Hurd became the CEO at HP following Carly's departure. A steady hand to steer the ship through choppy waters and to cut costs was needed, in the opinion of the board, and that's what HP got.

I'm still surprised that HP's Neoview was a) allowed off the drawing board (should have bought Teradata instead) and b) has failed so badly. At least it meant HP never bought Teradata, which I always thought was highly likely when Mr. Hurd left NCR and became CEO at HP.

We live in interesting times indeed.