Microsoft and HP Data Warehouse Appliance

Remember Microsoft bought Datallegro a few years ago? Remember HP provided the hardware for the Oracle Exadata v1 offering?

Well, since Oracle bought Sun last year things have moved around a little. Oracle now runs Exadata v2 on Sun kit, unsurprisingly, leaving HP out in the cold with regard to Exadata. Or maybe not? There's always HP's very own NeoView offering. Moving on...

Microsoft's project Madison aimed to roll the IP acquired in the Datallegro purchase into a scaled-out parallel version of SQL Server. It finally appeared as the catchily named "SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse" (in 2010) which promises "a highly scalable appliance that delivers performance at low cost through a massively parallel processing (MPP)" (sic).

The partnership with HP aims to roll the parallel version of SQL Server into a full-fledged data warehouse appliance so that punters/re-sellers/system integrators don't make a mess out of putting it all together. That's one justification anyway.

The El Reg article is here:

Curt Monash's take over at is here:

The Microsoft press release is here:

The HP press release is here:

Only time will tell if this new HP/Microsoft offering takes a chunk of the business currently being fought over by Teradata, Netezza, Oracle and co.HP Neoview RIP? Seems more likely than not. Will anyone notice? Doubt it.