>Microsoft To Buy Datallegro

>So, looks like Mircosoft plans to pony up something north of $100m to acquire Datallegro.

Interesting...several questions spring to mind immediately.

Why would a company that offers only Windows/SQL Server decide to buy a company whose competing solution runs on Linux/Ingres?

Why can't Microsoft build a parallel version of SQL Server themselves, given their huge resources?

How long will it take for Datallegro to re-appear as "Windows/SQL Server powered Datallegro"?

Does this purchase demonstrate that the likes of Microsoft concede that SMP systems simply can't scale, and that MPP is the only way to meet the data volumes in play?

I've believed that for 20 years.

How long before Oracle follow suit and buy an MPP database player?

Anyway, a big well done to Stuart Frost and his team, especially Anthony Howcroft that runs the UK - a fellow Everton supporter.