Netezza World Tour 2009

The Enzee Universe World Tour 2009 hit London town last week. I won't dwell on the 5am start and 6am train to London too much.

Anyway, the event took place in the lower ground floor of the Mayfair hotel. This was a very clever move as no-one could get a mobile phone signal which meant the presenters at least got some attention. The lobby was rammed with folks making calls and trying to get online.

It was good to catch up with some of the Netezza 'old guard' that I hadn't seen for a few years. One of the highlights was Philip Howard forgetting Jim Baum's question during the keynote speech. Sorry Philip, that had to get a mention!

Anyway, I was very impressed with Jim's keynote, not having met him before he came across very well indeed. Needless to say Tim Young made the audience laugh more than once. How many references to Kylie Mingogue's bum would you normally get at a BI conference? Not many.

It looks like Netezza expects the new 'twin fin' hardware to be as disruptive as when Netezza originally launched in 2003. There are a lot more players in the market now, for sure. Will that be an issue for Netezza or will they be as disruptive as they'd hope? Only time will tell.

One thing's for sure...they need a bigger venue for next year's London event, with or without any increased attention cause by 'twin fin'. The Mayfair was simply too small to handle the number of attendees. That's the only small negative in an otherwise very enjoyable event.