Rainstor FastForward for Teradata

Rainstor FastForward for Teradata

Rainstor FastForward for Teradata

Rainstor announced their new FastForward product for Teradata users a few days ago.

The press release is here: http://rainstor.com/rainstor-releases-new-product-for-teradata-customers-to-create-a-dedicated-online-archive-and-eliminate-tape/

Product information is here: http://rainstor.com/solutions-industries/online-data-archive/rainstor-for-teradata/

Rainstor's Mark Cusack explains it all on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RkQgtpp-c0I

So, what's the scoop?Rainstor's FastForward reads Teradata backup files - yes, the ones produced by arc or arcmain, and extracts the data so that it can be loaded directly into Rainstor *without* having to restore the data to Teradata first. Cool eh?

What are the advantages?

Well, how about the following:

  • Rainstor uses cheap HDFS storage so the economic barrier to keeping old/cold data online is removed

  • no DBA involvement is required to restore data from backup files

  • SQL access to historic data previously locked away on backup files is enabled

  • access to data backed up in old versions of Teradata that can't easily be restored is enabled

  • expensive Teradata disk space can be freed up by moving old/cold data to Rainstor

As Chris Twogood, VP Product Marketing at Teradata says:

"Our customers now have the option to archive their data at at very high compression rates and they don’t have to transfer it to tape drives or throw it away.”

So there you have it - Teradata users can easily restore data directly from backup files into Rainstor Active Archive so that SQL access to massive volumes of old/cold data is economically viable.What's not to like?

For more information visit www.vldbsolutions.com:RainstorTeradataTeradata Training