Rainstor Intro "My Name's Bond, James Bond"


So, what's the connection between Rainstor in the staid world of data management and Her Majesty's finest secret agent?

Allow us to explain, if you will. It all started at last year's Teradata EMEA Universe event in Dublin. Team VLDB happened to be walking around the expo, as you do, trying to find out what's new and shiny in the world of big data management.

Over towards the corner of the hall, looking like they could do with a vistior or two, we bumped into Anthony (sales) and Deirdre (marketing) from Rainstor. "Tell us your story" we opened with, as per usual when we don't know a technology particularly well.

Anthony and Deirdre duly told us the Rainstor story, including the background to the product. It turns out to have been originally developed in the UK by GCHQ. Being gentlemen of a certain age, this gave us all the latitude we needed for the (rather tenuous) 007 connection. And why not indeed!

We listened very attentively to the Rainstor story as told by Anthony and Deirdre. It turned out to be such an interesting product that the folks from Rainstor had to complete the story over a Guinness or three and fish 'n' chips in a very welcoming Dublin hostelry that night. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

Anyway, since meeting the folks from Rainstor a year ago we've managed to pull off a couple of very successful finance projects together. It seems that the combination of cost, ease of deployment, SQL compatibility and highly skilled PS partners (naturally) makes for a very well received big data solution.

We could tell you more about about our Rainstor projects, but then we'd have to kill you, in true 007 style. Well maybe not.

On a more serious note, there is more about Rainstor at Wikipedia here.