Shop Direct Wins Data Driven marketing Award

Shop Direct recently won the 'Data Driven Marketing Award' at the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2011 (see page 31).

The press release from Celebrus (formerly SpeedTrap) is here:

The award was for a campaign to 'Use browsing data to deliver a step change in the relevancy of customer contacts'. The objective was to 'gather almost real-time data' which enabled communication 'on a one-to-one basis based on current motivations rather than previous buying patterns'. The judges noted the outstanding ROI delivered in a short space of time.

So, what's the interest here for yours truly? Well, let's wind back a bit shall we....

Littlewoods in Liverpool and Great Universal Stores (GUS) in Manchester were both early Teradata adopters, having used the technology mainly for database marketing from the late 1980's. Part of this can be attributed to the early success of Teradata's north-west UK sales team, including our own Jim 'the phone' Clarke.

During 2001/02 there was a significant investment in Teradata at Littlewoods that included the deployment of Teradata's recently acquired CRM tool, known as 'Teradata CRM' or TCRM. Oooh, those branders were inspired ;-)

Yours truly was hired as the technical lead on the project, and the standards I wrote back then are largely in use to this day. Or so they pretend!

Littlewoods was subsequently sold to the Barclay brothers, merged with GUS, and became known as Shop Direct Group. Both Littlewoods and GUS had used Teradata for database marketing for a long time, so it was no surprise that the combined group continued to use Teradata.

The move towards increased online sales has meant that web data has become of keen interest to companies such as Shop Direct. How can you engage in meaningful customer interaction if you can't capture, understand and exploit the web data at the customer level? You can't!

The Speed-Trap deployment at Shop Direct, as anywhere, brought the online subject area to the data model - specifically Teradata's Integrated Web Intelligence (IWI) model. The main challenge this brings, unsurprisingly, is to provide combined access to business users to both the 'old' offline data and the 'new' online data. Additionally, there are the not-so-minor considerations of managing the volume of online data and understanding what it represents.

The marketing campaigns enabled through access to both offline and online customer data are already reaping rewards for Shop Direct, within a year of the Speed-Trap deployment, as noted in the press release.

Teradata are justifiably pleased with the project success and have invited Shop Direct's own James Perkins to speak at several events, including Teradata Universe 2011 in Sydney. And that's where I re-join the story...

James and I are working on various opportunities to further exploit the web data to drive ROI higher.

I've a feeling this journey is only just starting to get interesting...