Best Practice

VLDB DBSee on GitHub

It's far from easy to police a busy Teradata system - even those that think they're on top of best practice can let standards slip over the years.

Teradata Best Practice

VLDB have been developing Teradata best practice beliefs since 1989. To support this, we have worked to develop a program that consists of a set of SQL scripts that run against the Teradata data dictionary; each script can be used to inform a user of the current state of their Teradata system.

DBSee is now available on GitHub for all to view and use at will - and it doesn't cost a penny.

DBSee Benefits

The key DBSee deliverable is a set of results displayed within your native database client tool. This can also be output as a .csv file and imported into Tableau for easy-to-understand visualisations.

We have yet to find a Teradata system that doesn't fail nearly all of the DBSee best practice checks.

The great news is that all best practice violations can be fixed relatively easily. The first step is to uncover them with DBSee.

Head to our GitHub page to retrieve all of our SQL scripts and for more information on how to run DBSee: