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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Conference 2016

Google Cloud Conference Attended By VLDB Solutions

Google Cloud Conference Attended By VLDB Solutions

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Conference 2016

A few weeks ago now VLDB attended Google Global Cloud Conference at Pier 48, overlooking the Giant’s ball park, in San Francisco. The user conference was a platform to introduce products and services to its current community and convince the rest of us that Google is the answer. Google isn’t seen to be a market leader in ‘Cloud’. 

In a recent research note, Deutsche Bank Investment analysts predicted that GCP is on a $400M run rate, which is roughly 20 times less than AWS’s. But it’s not about your revenue, it’s about the smarts behind the solution. Google came from behind to win ‘Search’ and after this conference I think Google might be about to rock the cloud computing world. 

So, after two days of talks from clients and senior Google engineers and developers – what did I learn about the new stuff coming out of Google HQ?

Machine Learning

One of the biggest concepts I’ve taken away from GCP Next 2016 is the focus on Machine Learning. As Google adds a Machine Learning solution to its product portfolio it aims to go head to head with other companies trying to claim the IaaS Machine Learning crown such as IBM, AWS and Azure. Google’s Machine Learning solution promises to take care of everything from data ingestion through to prediction. There is also the ability to use Google APIs such as speech, translate and vision. All three are excellent examples of the brilliance created by Alphabet this year for the masses to enjoy.

Cloud Machine Learning

Big Query

GCP Analytics Data Warehouse is one of the core products in the Google portfolio. A price drop of 50% was announced on data stored for more than 90 days, auto table partitions make data management simpler and capacitor storage engines increase SQL query performance.

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Open Source

Google joined the Open Compute Project this year and has open sourced many projects including Hadoop MapReduce, Spanner, container management platform Kubernetes and machine learning tools such as Dataflow and Tensorflow.

Container Engine

Tensor Flow

Cloud Dataflow


Obviously at any conference you expect clients to be paraded in front of attendees but this event hosted an impressive collection of companies. These included Disney’s consumer product and interactive media, Dominos, Spotify, Coke Cola, Heineken and Best Buy.

Take the tour

If you are going to look around a data centre what better one than the world’s most advanced – with added Google-coloured heating and cooling piping this an interesting look behind scenes:

You Tube Video

In short this was a great conference attended by grown ups who are eager to see the ‘NEXT’ big thing in cloud computing that will take their organisation/clients to new heights.

Google might not be the market leader at the moment but the potential is definitely there – watch this space.