Teradata Pricing Myth

I was reading an interesting article in the latest Teradata magazine a few days ago about Teradata pricing:

A very well presented case, I thought. Teradata has always been regarded as "reassuringly expensive" which is not a label it may ever shake off, no matter how many articles, papers, briefings and presentations suggest otherwise.

A recent conversation with a client re-inforces this belief..."we can't afford Teradata" I was advised. Funny that, given that they don't know what it costs, thought I.

The advent of data warehouse appliances and competition from the likes of IBM's Netezza (not DB2!), EMC's Greenplum, HP's Vertica (not NeoView!) and err, Oracle and Microsoft, seem to have had an impact on Teradata's pricing power.

I'm all for healthy competition, and I'm all for more Teradata sites out there.

For anyone wanting a FREE version of Teradata, take a look here: