In Memory Databases (IMDB)

In Memory Database (IMDB)

In Memory Databases (IMDB)

So, there we were minding our own business the other day...

when an update on LinkedIn caught our attention (no, really!).

Said update referred to a blog post by our good friend Martin Willcox at Teradata:

It seems Martin was responding to a couple of blog posts from SAP's Rob Klopp, who we know from his EMC Greenplum days:

Now we know Martin and Rob are both 'just doing their jobs' and we have no issue with that (why would we), but, needless to say, we felt compelled to comment:

It seems this 'in memory databases' debate is quite topical, as Curt Monash recently posted the following on his DBMS2 blog:

"OK, but can we overprovision the RAM by so much that suboptimal performance doesn’t matter? My guess is “Not any time soon” — because efficiency is always a good thing, databases will always grow, and RAM will never be free."

Wise words indeed from Curt :-)