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So, we've survived a seemingly endless round of office parties, Xmas and New Year. Just.

Festive celebrations then gave way to birthdays for our very own Dave Agnew and Paul Johnson.

Last week's combined business/ski trip to Geneva and Chamonix must surely mark the end of the fun and a return to serious matter of!!!

We finished 2012 on a major high over in the digital marketing division of VLDB Group. Some of our customers 'complained' that we had driven too much web traffic to them, and that the spike in orders was impacting on their office party schedule. Ho-hum, there's no pleasing some folks.

Anyway, we decided we'd better publicise the VLDB Digital team's fine work with a new web site, so without further ado, ladies and gents may we introduce you to the new VLDB Digital web site:

Hope you all have a great 2013.

We certainly plan to do so :-)