Microsoft to Buy Nokia Mobile Phone Division

Microsoft to Buy Nokia Mobile Phone Division

Microsoft to Buy Nokia Mobile Phone Division

Some might say it was inevitable, and we would agree, but Microsoft has finally plonked down a big bag of cash (£4.6bn actually ) to buy Nokia's mobile phone division. That's even more than it cost to get Gareth Bale to move to Madrid *and* Mesut Ozil to move to Arsenal. Wow!

Read more about outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's latest splurge on some of our favourite interwebs news sites: The BeebEl Reg (who hilariously described the press release as 'saccharine tat') and the The Indy.

That's all very well, but "where's the data management angle?" we hear you cry, or maybe not :-(

OK, here goes...Once upon a time there was a company stuffed full of Brits called Datallegro, who designed and built a data warehouse appliance that ran Ingres  (not PostgreSQL) on Linux. Yours truly ran into the Datallegro team at a TDWI event in Las Vegas about 5-6 years ago. As I was with Netezza co-founder and inventor Foster Hinshaw, we had a very interesting MPP geek-off.

A short while later Datallegro was acquired by none other than Microsoft. Why Microsoft would want to buy a database appliance technology that runs Ingres on Linux was debated by the AsterData CTO prior to being bought by Teradata. Those that voted 'buy' beat those that voted 'build'.

Datallegro was subsumed into Microsoft in 2009 (along with fellow Everton fan Anthony Howcroft, always a welcome visitor) as Project Madison, eventually re-appearing as SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Edition, or Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) for short.

Microsoft also acquired Skype in 2011. Skype were early adopters of the Greenplum DBMS, since acquired by EMC and turned into Pivotal.

With the purchase of the Nokia mobile phone division, Microsoft is also adding Teradata into the MPP platforms it uses/sells. That's right folks, the Nokia Data Warehouse (NDW) runs Teradata. No surprises there.

Needless to say, VLDB has provided Teradata consultancy services on a data modelling project in the past to Nokia.

So, despite selling their own PDW appliance to the world (or not), Microsoft have acquired competing Greenplum (via Skype) and Teradata (via Nokia) data warehouse platforms.Phew!

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