Teradata 6690 Announced

Our friends over at Teradata have just announced the new Teradata 6690:http://www.teradata.com/News-Releases/2012/New-Teradata-Platform-Reshapes-Business-Intelligence-Industry/

I'm not convinced it will re-shape the BI industry (but what do I know), but as the first of Teradata's hybrid SSD+HDD offerings it certainly looks like a step change from the previous HDD-only offerings.

A lot will hinge on the effectiveness of the Teradata Virtual Storage (TVS) software which "automatically moves data as temperature changes ensuring alignment to the most appropriate storage location". We'll see how that copes with the abuse inflicted on it in the real-world.

Curt Monash also has a nice write-up of a chat with Teradata's Carson Schmidt here, which covers the new Teradata 6690:


With any luck we'll get to kick the tyres a little on the Teradata 6690 at the upcoming Teradata Universe EMEA event next month in Dublin. See you there :-)