Teradata Appliance Refresh

Teradata might be the pioneer of data warehousing on cheap x64 server clusters and the use of appliance packaging to tune machines and their software to attack specific workloads, but Oracle and IBM want to eat Teradata's lunch. And its breakfast and dinner, too. That means Teradata has to keep upgrading its hardware and database software and partnering to bring more functionality onto its data warehouse and analytics appliances, making them more useful to the customers who shell out big bucks for them.

At the Partners user group conference in San Diego today, Teradata launched a completely refreshed lineup of entry, midrange, and high-performance data warehousing and analytics appliances, and also tossed in a new flash-heavy extreme performance machine to take on Oracle's new Exadata X2-8 appliances and IBM's Smart Analytics System (SAS) appliances as well as the Netezza appliances that will soon become part of the Big Blue product catalog unless someone swoops in and tries to steal away Netezza. (This means you, NEC or Dell.) EMC is also putting the heat on Teradata with its own Greenplum Data Computing Appliances, and has much deeper pockets than a free-standing Greenplum could ever hope to have.