Teradata MPP on AWS

Teradata MPP on AWS

Teradata MPP on AWS

Multi-node Teradata on AWS

Teradata's eponymous database became available on AWS in Q116 as a single node (SMP) only offering, as detailed in a previous VLDB blog post:


Of far more interest to most folks was the availability of multi-node (MPP) Teradata systems on AWS. The 'full fat' version of Teradata was slated for Q316 and was duly made available during Teradata Partners 2016 via the AWS Marketplace.

The Teradata MPP version is now available on AWS to support Teradata clusters of between 1 and 32 SMP nodes.

Teradata Enterprise Edition on AWS Features

The previous SMP-only Base and Base+ editions have been consolidated into a single 'Teradata Enterprise Edition' with the following features:

  • Teradata DBMS v15.10 on SLES 11 including columnar, temporal & row level security

  • Teradata Active System Management (TASM)

  • Teradata Data Stream Utility

  • Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT)

  • Teradata QueryGrid

  • Teradata Studio

  • Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU)

  • Teradata REST Services

  • Teradata Server Management

  • Teradata Viewpoint (excluding Teradata Data Lab)

Additional cost items include:

  • Teradata Data Lab

  • Teradata Data Mover

  • Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Support is included in the Teradata software subscription and consists of both 24x7 Premier Cloud Support and access to Teradata At Your Service (TAYS).

A feature of running Teradata on AWS likely to be of interest to a lot of folks is the ability to backup Teradata data to S3.

Teradata MPP on AWS Pricing

At the time of launch, pricing for the m4 EC2 instances with persistent EBS storage in the Ireland region is as follows:m4.4xlarge (16 vCPU, 64 GB RAM, 20 AMPs)

EC2 = $1.056/hr or $778.88/monthTeradata = $5.973/hr or $4,360.29/monthTotal = $7.029/hr or $5,131.17/month

m4.10xlarge (40 vCPU, 160 GB RAM, 20 AMPs)

EC2 = $2.641/hr or $1,927.93/monthTeradata = $16.417/hr or $11,984.41/monthTotal = $19.058/hr or $13,912.34/month

Note that these prices are per node.

Teradata software discounts of between 23% - 89% are offered for those willing to pay annually in advance.

Teradata on AWS Setup

The 'Teradata on AWS Getting Started' guide is available as HTML  or a 98 page PDF.

<warning>Compared to the previous SMP-only offering, the setup of Teradata MPP systems on AWS is *way* more complex.Understanding topics such as Identity & Access Management (IAM), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and CloudFormation is now of prime importance.</warning>

That's all for today...watch this space for VLDB's experience of setting up a multi-node Teradata MPP system on AWS, along with some benchmark figures.