Teradata Partners 2011

We finally made it back to Manchester airport from San Diego at 6pm last Friday.Despite the relative conmfort of BA's 'World Traveller Plus' (aka upper economy), yours truly decided to watch films back-to-back instead of catching some shut-eye. The result? A very, very tired return to work today. Ho-hum.

Anyway, a few topics of note will be covered separately over the next few days/weeks:

    • TD14 features

  • Teradata 2690 appliance

  • Teradata OLAP connector

  • ebay's use of Teradata and Hadoop

  • Aster Data

  • Alison Torres 'Teradata Index Essentials' book

The main disappointment during this year's Teradata Partners event was the inclement weather that coincided with the night of the gala dinner. Sadly we had to move indoors to the Hilton hotel instead of the USS Midway.

Thursday's guest speaker was none other than Aron Ralston.