Teradata Training - Architecture, SQL, Utilities, Bootcamp

Teradata Training Courses

VLDB Solutions are delighted to announce the following Teradata training courses available from Q2 2012:

TD01 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL (3 days)

TD02 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL + Teradata Advanced SQL (4 days)

TD03 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL + Teradata Utilities (4 days)

TD04 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL + Teradata Advanced SQL + Teradata Utilities = "Teradata Bootcamp" (5 days)

TD05 : Teradata SQL for Business Users (2-3 days as required)Teradata training material is exclusively licensed from our good friends Steve and Eric at Cerulium corporation in the USA and is Teradata-approved.

Teradata training courses are hands-on with only the half-day "Teradata Architecture" module delivered in lecture form.

All Teradata training content can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, and is delivered by Teradata-certified experts with a minimum of 10 years hands-on Teradata expertise.

Teradata training can be delivered on-site at a Teradata user's premises, for which a minimum number of students must attend.

Alternately, students may with to attend a public Teradata training course. Public courses allow Teradata users to send just a single student. A full timetable of public Teradata training courses will be published as soon as demand can be gauged.

Public Teradata training courses will run throughout the year and alternate between the north-west (Liverpool/Manchester) and the south-east (London/M4 corridor) of the UK. Other locations will be considered according to demand.

We promise not to talk at you for 7-8 hours a day. We also promise not to talk at you for days on end. We deliver all of out courses hands-on so you get to road test what you've been taught straight away. It's much more fun for students and trainers alike, as you'll no doubt agree.

We are confident that you'll enjoy our Teradata training courses and derive valuable confidence and insight from Teradata veterans. Feedback from previous students can be provided, anonymously of course.

Contact VLDB Solutions to discuss your exact Teradata training requirements and we will be delighted to tailor a package for you.