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Case Studies

VLDB Case Studies

Billing System Upgrade

A leading UK logistics company required the decommissioning of a legacy database system. This system was responsible for the reporting of an integral customer's weekly billing.

View the full Billing System Upgrade case study here.

Database Package Implementation

A leading UK entertainment company required a full implementation package for a company-wide database, combining their existing databases to enable accurate and speedy reporting.

View the full Database Package Implementation case study here.

Teradata Database & System Analysis

The British supermarket chain, Iceland, required an in-depth analysis of their Teradata appliances to try and understand any potential areas in which they could improve efficiency of tasks run on a daily basis.

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View the full Iceland Teradata Database & System Analysis case study here.

End to End Database Application

A British multinational advertising and public relations company required an application designed to monitor the performance and delivery of digital advertising campaigns.

View the full End to End Database Application case study here.