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Database Administration is the process of managing and maintaining database management systems. It is an invaluable function in any organisation that is dependent on their data.

DBA headcount & costs solution


Why struggle with new technologies, spiralling IT costs and complex business requirements? VLDB can take care of all your DBA / Sys Admin requirements without adding to your IT department headcount in a flexible short / long term contract.


We work to a 1 hour response SLA where we analyse the issue and response with an appropriate support level (P1, P2 or P3) with an estimated fix time.

Part of a Team

Our DBAʼs will seamlessly integrate into your IT team, contactable through phone, email and chat, we will always be on hand to help. You will have a named DBA day to day and your own emergency response team. Our dedicated DBA office in Liverpool ensures that only on-shore consultants will be assigned to your team.

Holiday & Sick Cover

Short term contracts are available to ensure your internal IT team donʼt have to take on DBA responsibilities if your DBA goes on holiday or is signed off sick. VLDB will do a pre-holiday system check and handover to ensure everything goes well in your DBAʼs absence.


With over 20 years’ experience, VLDB have been delivering DBA Services (consulting, implementation & support) to our clients to ensure their Data warehouses run at an optimal, performant and efficient level.

professional DBA

DBA Service Overview:

  • 24*7 monitoring and problem resolutions
  • Preventative Analytics
  • Automated Patch Management
  • Proactive health checks
  • Database installation and configuration
  • Database Design
  • Upgrade and migrations
  • Security assessments and configuration
  • Backup and DR strategy planning and implementation
  • Performance tuning, capacity planning and management
  • High-availability planning and implementation
  • Cloud migration
  • Migration to and from any database

VLDB can provide DBA support for many technologies including:


DBAaaS Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DBA as a Service?

Database Administration is the process of managing and maintaining database management systems.

What does VLDB's DBA service cover?

Server State

  • CPU / RAM / Disk IO performance

  • Disk space

  • Server Health Monitoring

  • OS patching + upgrade scheduling

  • Downtime management in the event of a failure

Database State

  • Monitoring of table stats

  • Index maintenance

  • Database tuning

  • Auditing database backups and disaster recovery

  • Log monitoring to check state of overnight jobs (monitor variances in job run time, any failures to report to operations)

  • Object creation management i.e. enforcing best practices to include databases, schemas and table creation

Workload Management

  • Long Running Queries

  • Resource Queues (using GPCC, SQL Server Resource Governor etc.)

  • Idle session management

Maintenance Scheduling

  • Upgrade + patch schedule management

  • Downtime management including communication to users

Security & Access Control

User management to include:

  • Creation + deletion

  • Permission control

  • Password reset requests

  • Default schema management

Where are your DBA based?

All of VLDB’s employees are based within the UK, with a DBA support centre being based in Liverpool. No activities are conducted by offshore or contractors.

What hours do you operate?

We understand that the majority of our clients require round the clock support. Therefore, our team are available 247/365.

How much does it cost?

Commercials are based on several factors which are unique from client to client. We understand that no two clients requirements are the same therefore through our early conversations we will be able to build a support package and price plan which meets your business requirements from both a technical and commercial perspective. Having said that more often than not outsourcing such responsibility to VLDB results in significant cost savings to our clients, when compared to managing internally.

Why DBA Service, especially with VLDB?

There are dozens of reasons as to why our clients choose DBAaaS with VLDB over internal management, however, all of these fall into one of the following categories; COST, EXPERTISE, ASSURANCE and EASE.

What's your onboarding process?

Having successfully on-boarded many clients varying in size, complexity and sector VLDB have established a finely tuned onboarding process which ensures we gain maximum understanding of your business within the shortest amount of time. Typically this is carried out via a number of onsight/ offsight workshops with key members of your team, all of which is included within you fixed monthly subscription.

What SLA is available?

Again, no two clients requirements are identical. However, our standard SLA’s are based on one hour response.

Effectively manage and maintain your data today.

For further information on VLDB’s DBAaaS, Download the PDF provided.

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