The Greenplum Managed Service is a flexible, managed & scalable ‘Datawarehouse as a Service’ that takes the risk & complexity out of deploying and managing an analytic Data Warehouse platform. It leverages Greenplum, the world’s first open source ‘Massively Parallel Processing’ (MPP) database, to deliver enterprise-grade resilience, security and scalability.


There are two versions of the Greenplum Managed Service available:


  •      Pivotal Greenplum – includes vendor support

  •   Open Source Greenplum – no vendor support


It should be noted that both Pivotal Greenplum and Open Source Greenplum use the same underlying PostgreSQL-derived database engine.


Greenplum Managed Service Features

✔ Managed

The Greenplum Managed Service is a fully Managed Service.

This removes the need to hire system or database administrators. We take responsibility for all platform and database administration on your behalf. In addition to software patches and upgrades, this includes more mundane tasks like password resets, user creation and granting/removing database object access.

Leveraging VLDB’s decades of technical expertise, the Greenplum Managed Service includes Standard or Business Critical support options:

  • Standard — Monday to Friday 9-5pm (excluding public holidays)

  • Business Critical — 24 x 7 x 365


Removing the cost for you to recruit, train and retain platform and database administrators will probably pay for your Greenplum Managed Service.

✔ Flexible

The Greenplum Managed Service can be deployed on virtually any compute infrastructure that supports RedHat, CentOS or SUSE Linux.

Supported platforms include:

  • public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)

  • private cloud (VMWare, Xen)

  • third party managed servers

  • on premises (‘on-prem’) using your preferred server/storage hardware


The flexibility of the Greenplum Managed Service allows a hybrid approach to be deployed such that development, test/QA, production and HA or DR can run on on any combination of supported environments.


The unique deployment flexibility of Greenplum ensures your platform strategy won’t be dictated or compromised by your data warehouse. Greenplum goes where you go.

✔ Available via the AWS Marketplace

Both versions of the Greenplum Managed Service are available via the AWS Marketplace:

Pivotal Greenplum Managed Service

Open Source Greenplum Managed Service


The AWS Marketplace allows you to try either version of the Greenplum Managed Service on a pay-as-you-go basis with billing processed via your existing AWS account.

✔ MPP for Data Warehousing

The Greenplum Managed Service takes advantage of Greenplum’s ‘scale out’ architecture to deliver fast query performance at any dataset size, from gigabytes (GB) to petabytes (PB).

Unlike general purpose databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), analytic databases are optimised to handle complex ad hoc workloads and automatically execute all SQL queries in parallel across all CPUs in the database cluster.

No matter what your performance requirements, the scale-out Greenplum architecture delivers linear scalability – your queries can always be made to go faster, at any scale.

✔ Affordable

There are no hardware or software costs incurred with Greenplum Managed Service. Simply pay a usage fee based on the level of management required (Standard or Business Critical) and the number of CPU cores in the database cluster.

There are no hidden costs, no up-front licenses, no complex usage credits that expire – just simple pricing based on the required support level and processing power.


✔ Secure

The Greenplum Managed Service supports custom Linux images and OS hardening. Access to each of the Linux nodes in the cluster is supported via SSH.

OS level security requirements can be implemented with the Greenplum Managed Service to ensure your enterprise-wide security policy remains intact.

✔ Compatible

Greenplum is a scale-out implementation of the widely used PostgreSQL database, and supports ANSI standard SQL. ETL and BI tool connectivity is supported by JDBC and ODBC. No re-tooling is required with Greenplum.

PostgreSQL tools such as PGAdmin and psql are fully supported.

Existing investments in ETL and BI/reporting tools are safe with Greenplum. What’s more, it runs on SQL so no expensive re-training is required.

✔ Proven

The Greenplum Managed Service leverages the power of the open source Greenplum database, which has been deployed since the early 2000s in demanding enterprise environments.

Greenplum is itself derived from open source PostgreSQL which dates back to the mid-1980s.

The scalability of the MPP architecture has been relied upon by many of the world’s largest organisations from the 1980s until the present day.

The architecture and database software that underpin the Greenplum managed Service are very well proven and ‘battle hardened’ in demanding large-scale enterprise deployments.

✔ Greenplum Database Features

All versions of the Greenplum database support the following features:

  • data encryption & compression

  • multi-level table partitions

  • row-based & columnar storage

  • Apache MADlib in-database analytics via SQL

  • external tables – query data directly in S3 or HDFS

  • real-time loading via Apache Kafka

  • incremental backups

  • Python and R data science packages

  • XML and JSON data types & functions

  • PL/Java, PL/Python and PL/R

In addition, the Pivotal version of Greenplum supports the following features:


  • web-based Greenplum Command Centre (GPCC) management interface

  • workload management (WLM)

  • text search and analysis

Subject to either the Pivotal Greenplum Managed Service Terms of Use

or the Open Source Greenplum Managed Service Terms of Use.


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