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Greenlight DBaaS

Greenlight database is a flexible, managed & scalable ‘Database as a Service’ (DBaaS). Greenlight takes the risk & complexity out of deploying and managing a data warehouse platform.

Greenlight leverages Greenplum, the world’s first open source ‘Massively Parallel Processing’ (MPP) database to deliver enterprise-grade resilience, security and scalability.

Greenlight Features

MPP for Data Warehousing

Greenlight takes advantage of the Greenplum MPP architecture to deliver fast query performance at any dataset size, from gigabytes (GB) to petabytes (PB).

Unlike general purpose SMP databases, MPP databases are optimised for analytics and automatically execute all SQL queries in parallel across all CPUs in the database cluster.

Extra Greenlight query performance is delivered by adding more CPUs to the cluster. General purpose databases simply can’t compete on performance with the parallel query processing that defines the MPP architecture.


Greenlight can be deployed on virtually any compute infrastructure that supports Linux.

Supported platforms include:

  • public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • private cloud (VMWare, Xen)
  • third party managed servers
  • on premises (‘on-prem’) using your preferred server/storage hardware


Greenlight removes the need to hire system or database administrators.

Leveraging VLDB’s decades of technical expertise, Greenlight includes system or database administration options:

  • Bronze — monitoring, backup, patching, upgrades
  • Silver — bronze plus 8x5 DBA
  • Gold — bronze plus 24x7 DBA


There are no hardware or software costs incurred with Greenlight. Simply pay a usage fee based on the level of management required (bronze, silver or gold) and the number of nodes in the database cluster.

For each Greenlight production cluster, a single node development environment will be included free of charge with the same management level.


Greenlight is deployed as a parallel processing database cluster consisting of multiple nodes or servers. The compute power and database storage available to Greenlight SQL queries is the aggregate of all of the CPUs and storage across all of the nodes in the Greenlight database cluster.

Unlike with traditional databases, scaling Greenlight compute power or database storage is simply a case of adding nodes to the Greenlight database cluster. The Greenlight database software always takes advantage of all resources in the Greenlight database cluster.

Persistent Storage

Greenlight offers a choice of either hard disk drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD) to store database tables. Capacity or performance — the choice is yours.

Whether HDD or SSD is chosen, Greenlight data storage is always persistent. There is no data loss as a result of a system re-boot or power loss, whether accidental or intentional.

Greenlight clusters can be powered down when not needed, safe in the knowledge that your valuable data will still be available within the database exactly as it was when the system was last used.


Greenlight supports custom Linux images, OS customisation, verification and security hardening. Access to each of the nodes in the cluster is supported via SSH.

Optionally, data can be encrypted at rest within the Greenlight cluster.


Greenlight supports ANSI standard SQL. ETL and BI tool connectivity is supported by JDBC and ODBC. No re-tooling is required.

PostgreSQL tools such as PGAdmin and psql are fully supported.


Greenlight DBaaS leverages the power of the open source Greenplum database (GPDB), which has been deployed since the early 2000s in demanding enterprise environments.

GPDB is itself derived from open source PostgreSQL which dates back to the mid-1980s.

The scalability of the MPP architecture has been relied upon by many of the world’s largest organisations from the 1980s until the present day.

Greenlight Database Features

Greenlight supports the following database features:

  • multi-column distribution keys
  • data encryption
  • table partitions
  • data compression
  • 'append only' (AO) tables
  • row-based & columnar storage
  • web-based management interface
  • workload management (WLM)
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