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VLDB Solutions offers services based on several cloud computing solutions to provide the ideal environment to develop software applications for our clients. Here at VLDB, we believe that simplicity is the key to success; that’s why we offer fully configured infrastructure to support all of your application development needs. This means that the client benefits from an increased ability to focus on their core competencies and an increase in speed of work after cutting out set up time.

Platforms are chosen based on client and project specific requirements. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question, which is why we insist on thorough research and testing before suggesting any solution to our clients. You can be assured that we know this will work for you because we’ve tried it ourselves!

Our newest service to become available is Greenlight, our managed database service that can be deployed on virtually any compute infrastructure that supports Linux.

Greenlight DBaaS

VLDB Greenlight

Greenlight leverages Greenplum, the world’s first open source ‘Massively Parallel Processing’ (MPP) database to deliver enterprise-grade resilience, security and scalability. One of the key aspects of Greenlight is that it removes the need to hire system or database administrators, and for each Greenlight production cluster, a single node development environment will be included free of charge with the same management level.