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Application Development

VLDB Application Development

VLDB's Development CoE Delivers Quality, Speed & Value

Application Development is not only the act of computer programming; its definition can include every stage involved in the production of a desired technical process, from early conception and research right through to productionising and maintaining the completed application.

As a specialist data management consultancy, VLDB Solutions has developed a UK-based Application Development Centre of Excellence (CoE) that significantly improves the speed of delivery, quality, and value-for-money of data management consultation and solution development.

The Application Development Resource Challenge

The development of data management applications — such as robust, fully scheduled, performant data warehouses or RDBMS — can be vast and time-consuming, often requiring significantly more resources than can be provided by the organisations that need them. Of these resources, sufficient quality and quantity is required, with technical skills which are often very hard to find. This gives way to the ‘application development resource challenge’, a problem that all successful enterprises face at some point during their growth.

A common solution is to combine in-house IT staff with freelance contractors, or to employ the services of large-scale outsource providers. However, these solutions provide challenges of their own;

    In-house development staff are often monopolised by ‘business as usual’ projects, may not possess the require technical skills, and cannot be flexed easily to the project needs
    Freelance contractors can demand very high daily rates, and may choose to leave mid-project to pursue alternative engagements
    Large-scale outsource providers often lack the depth of technical expertise required by a Big Data project

VLDB Solutions' Centre of Excellence

The senior consultants at VLDB recognised several years ago that clients frequently complained of a shortage of skilled resources for their application development projects. This skill shortage is especially true for specialist data management technologies such as Teradata, Netezza, & Greenplum.

By combining the industry-leading skills of our senior team with our experience delivering hands-on, engaging training courses, VLDB Solutions have established an ‘Application Development Centre of Excellence’ in Liverpool, UK.

VLDB AppDev CoE Benefits

Software Quality

Application development isn’t just about delivering the required business logic. That’s the ‘easy’ part! Based on decades of accumulated best practice knowledge, the VLDB application development CoE reliably delivers high software quality.

High quality application software ensures data management applications are efficient and don’t consume inordinate amounts of expensive system resources. High software quality also ensures reduced re-work rates and reduces the cost of application support.

VLDB Solutions strongly believe that quality matters.


Our approach is predicated on a lean delivery model. We don’t insist upon layers of middle management. The only hours we bill to a project are for those actually engaged in frontline development - the ones 'doing the doing'.

Our development teams consist of a blend of principal, senior, and technical consultants. Rates for our technical consultants are at a level that competes with, and often undercuts, offshore delivery rates. The blended Average Daily Rate (ADR) across each development team delivers outstanding value for money. Engagement models can either be time & materials or fixed price.


Due to the high amount of expertise and bandwidth available at VLDB, we are able to turn around development projects in days or weeks, rather than the typical weeks, months or even years.

Our ability to deliver your development projects quickly ensures your business objectives are met in the shortest possible timescales.


From our years of front-line experience, we understand the need for organisational flexibility. Armed with reasonable notice, the CoE approach to application development ensures we can align development bandwidth to meet the peaks and troughs demand that naturally occur in most organisations. We don’t insist on lengthy commitments, retainers or a guaranteed development pipeline.


All of VLDB’s development team are salaried members of staff, recruited and trained in-house. We don’t use freelance developers, nor do we sub-contract development work to third parties. We appreciate that continuity is vital to a project's success, and we avoid unnecessarily move staff from project to project without prior notifications and discussions.

Senior Team

Our senior team each average over 25 years, ‘out in the field’ experience, delivering projects for clients across a vast array of industry locations, sectors and technologies, to execute all manner of business objectives. The team is led by Principal Consultants which include Paul Johnson and David Agnew, the founders of VLDB.


Yodel Delivery Service
Credit Suisse Investment Banking Company
Volkswagen Group Automative Manufacturer
FGH Freemans Grattan Holdings Retail Company
Shop Direct Online Retail Company

Lloyds Banking Group, Retail Banking Company
Allied Irish Bank Commercial Bank
Barclays Financial Services Company

The Application Development CoE Test Drive

Most new client engagements start with a conversation with a member of our client engagement team that includes something along the lines of...

That's all it takes. Once an initial Proof-of-Concept (POC) project has been chosen, VLDB will provide the evidence of its possibility.

For more information, contact VLDB today or download the VLDB Application Development CoE PDF.