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Big Data Analytics

What is Big Data Analytics?

The term 'Big Data' refers to digital stores of information that have a large volume and massive variety. Big Data Analytics involves studying these large and varied data sets to unearth any useful information that can help companies make better-informed decisions. This useful information would include things like paradigms, market trends, relationships and customer preferences.

Big Data Analytics is much more complex than traditional analytics methods; in part, this is due to the sheer size of the data sets being analysed. Analysing this data involves utilising intricate application components including predictive models, algorithms and analyses powered by high-performance systems.

Generally speaking, the process of data analytics supplies a means of examining data sets and developing ideas about them to aid companies in making informed business decisions. One of these techniques is Business Intelligence (BI). the purpose of which is to support and improve business decision-making.

So What's The Problem?

Companies are inundated with data – terabytes and petabytes of it. This isn’t new. But what is new is the velocity of growth, the diversity of the data and the vital importance to make better use of your data to transform your business.

The data of your business or company has the potential to be one of your most valuable assets. But as with any asset, that potential must be actioned in order to tap in to the inherent value. Even the most intensively gathered and meticulously detailed data is meaningless unless it is being queried.

VLDB Business Intelligence

The Benefits of Big Data Analysis

Companies often find it challenging to find the value in existing data and often are not able to visualise and understand the depth of information available. Knowing how to ask the right questions is vital to actioning an organised analytical approach to maintain efficient and successful decision making across the business.

Big Data Analytics allows companies to whittle down their Big Data to only the most relevant information to then examine it to support critical business decisions. When analysed by experts, Big Data Analytics can point the way to various business advantages, including new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, improved customer retention, and competitive advantages over rival organisations.

What VLDB Does Best

VLDB Solutions’ analytics can identify patterns in the behaviour of customers, trends in products and flaws in processes. The insight we provide can reveal the hidden links between data sources, and expose gaps or holes in data-sets that could potentially be holding your business back.

Our data-related service offerings are categorised into four areas to help clients unlock real value from their data:

  • Platform selection, configuration and deployment
  • Systems analysis
  • Application design/build/test (DBT), implementation & support
  • Training

We provide support for a myriad of data management services that form conditions for useful BI, reporting and analytics, ranging from data sourcing to data completion and accuracy.

VLDB Solutions offers Professional Services across many industry sectors, including financial services, retail, logistics, telecoms, and the public sector.

Our value proposition is quite simple; we rely on decades of real-world, hands-on experience to successfully deliver your project. To see our work in action, find our case studies here.

Don't just take our word that we're Big Data analytics experts — make us prove it!

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