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Big Data Analytics

Analytics & Data Science

The data of your business or organisation has the potential to be one of your most valuable assets. But as with any asset, that potential must be actioned in order to tap in to the inherent value — in other words, you need to make your data work for you.

So, you’ve assembled all of your corporate data sources and 3rd party data feeds into a performant, scalable, and affordable data warehouse platform, your industry-standard Logical Data Model meets your requirements and is easy to navigate, and the ETL processes that are in place work reliably at delivering low-latency, high-quality feeds into the data warehouse. The data you’re gathering is up to date, detailed, and complete, and is as accurate a picture of your business or organisation as you can create.

What’s next?

Well, how about diving deep into that data and exploring with analytics?

VLDB Business Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Even the most intensively gathered and meticulously detailed data is meaningless unless it is being queried. Historic data can tell you where your business or organisation has been — and the current data of a data warehouse can tell you where your business is right now. But by combining past and present and exploring them through an analytical microscope, your data can predict the future of your business — predictions that can help you steer your business to even greater success.

VLDB Solutions’ analytics can identify patterns in the behaviour of customers, trends in products and flaws in processes. The insight we provide can reveal the hidden links between data sources, and expose gaps or holes in data-sets that could well be holding your business back.

Big Data Veterans

At VLDB Solutions, our principal consultants have been working with data warehouses and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technologies for over two decades, building data solutions and providing analytical insight for big companies and organisations across a wide range of industry sectors. Their frontline experience and hard-won know-how with MPP systems such as Teradata, Greenplum and Netezza are the driving force behind our analytical prowess.

Detailed Queries and Interactive Visualisations

In-depth analysis requires powerful analytical software, and we believe none is more suited than the open-source solution, R. The rise of Big Data saw the rise too for the need for an analytical solution harnessing the strengths of MPP. Into that gap stepped PivotalR, Pivotal’s combination of R with its own Greenplum MPP technology.

Analytics Take-Away

Don't just take our word that we're Big Data analytics experts — make us prove it!

Contact VLDB to understand the power of scalable Big Data analytics using the power of open source R software.