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The gathering, storing, and analysing of data can have a positive impact on more than just your enterprise's operational structure. It can also steer marketing strategy, identify overspend, and help to target customers at an individual level who would contribute more to a promotional campaign.

Data Driven Marketing Services

Single Customer View

Customers now expect a more personal and consistent level of detail when they interact with organisations. But they also expect to be able to shift from platform to platform, choosing whichever is more convenient for them at any given time. This presents a considerable data challenge; but a challenge that must be overcome for low-level insight into your audience.


Completing a business goal — whether it's registering a member, or completing a purchase — is rarely a single-step process. Promotional campaigns, advertising, and website design all have their part to play. Attribution can help identify whether any of these parts is consistently larger than the others.

Customer Lifetime Value

Identifying your audience can be key to a successful business, and a wider audience is not always better than a more responsive one. Historic data can reveal where your most profitable customers came from; enabling you to more accurately target potential customers that would add the most worth to your enterprise.

VLDB Marketing Services