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Single Customer View

Providing Service Consistency

Businesses the world over are becoming increasingly multi-channel in the way in which they communicate with their customers. Likewise, customers have come to expect that they will be able to engage with businesses across myriad platforms, shifting from one channel to the next depending upon which is more convenient. In-store browsing can support online purchases with mobile devices; and social media can affect face-to-face engagement.

To facilitate a consistent approach across these different channels, businesses are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. CRM software enables businesses to track their audience at a granular level, pairing order and browsing histories with customer / staff correspondence to build a profile of each customer. This detailed single customer view not only facilitates consistency; it also provides detail that is integral for other key marketing approaches, such as Marketing Attribution and a Customer’s Lifetime Value.

VLDB Single Customer View

Building a Customer Profile

The comprehensive profile of a customer that the Single Customer View can provide enables organisations to identify customers with the greatest marketing potential for targeted, more finely-focused campaigns and strategies. Customers can be recommended products based on their browsing history as well as their order history, and new or potential customers can be tailored to based on the average or predicted behaviour of existing customers within their demographic.

Building the single customer view is not without its challenges. Internet customers regularly change devices, or browse web stores anonymously and only log in at purchase, and online privacy is more important now than ever before. However, each interaction generates data, and big organisations generate Big Data; and VLDB Solutions are Big Data experts.

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Our consultants have decades of hands-on experience as data consultants, advising large companies on how to store, manage, and analyse their data. By combining our hard-won data analysis know-how with CRM and web-tracking packages that suit your business needs, our team can help your business provide its customers with the service they deserve, and to identify missed marketing opportunities at a granular level.

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