Professional Services

VLDB Solutions don't sell technology; we provide Professional Services.

And as a Professional Services provider, unlike hardware and software technology vendors, we have a vested interest in the success of each and every client engagement. Our knowledge, coupled with the success of your project, is the only product we’re selling.

VLDB Solutions offers Professional Services across all industries, from retail to finance. More specifically, we offer services relating to all aspects of 'Data Management'. We focus on helping organisations turn large volumes of detailed data into digestible information that can be explored to deliver actionable insight. Teradata is our MPP technology of choice, and we also offer a range of Professional Services specific to it.

Our proposition is quite simple; we will call on decades of data management expertise to successfully deliver data-related projects.

Data Management Professional Services

Big Data Analytics

Collecting and safely storing data is only the first step towards an organisation directed by the predictive power of a fully realised data warehouse. Next, that gathered data needs to be analysed, or it will only gather dust.

Application Development

Developing data management solutions can be resource heavy, and are often out of scope for the organisations that need them most. Luckily, VLDB Solutions have established a Centre of Excellence to do the job for you.

VLDB Professional Services