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Teradata Upgrade Testing

Like the businesses and organisations that they support, RDBMS technologies such as Teradata grow over time. Teradata has been maturing since it was first released in the 1980s, keeping stride with the needs of its audience by introducing new features and enhancements with regular upgrade packages. These updates have ensured Teradata remains a robust and versatile choice for an Active Data Warehouse; but they bring challenges, too.

Upgrading an existing Teradata system is a significant undertaking, and can be resource heavy and technically complex. Extensive pre-deployment testing is required to identify any features of the new version that may conflict with details of an existing setup, such as scripts or automated jobs — a detail-intensive, time-consuming task.

The majority of this pre-deployment testing lies with the many applications and utilities connected to the Teradata system across the enterprise, either as sources fed into the data warehouse, or extracts taken from it as BI reports. Each of these connections must be identified and investigated for compatability with the new Teradata system before the upgrade can begin, and the applications themselves upgraded if necessary.

Without this focused analysis of business-critical connected applications, even a successful technical upgrade of a Teradata system could be rendered unsuccessful by the system's inability to continue communicating with the organisation around it — damaging its integrity as an operational, forecasting data warehouse, and wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

Upgrade with confidence

VLDB Solutions are Teradata experts, and have been developing it since it first arrived in the UK in the late 1980s. Over the years, our principal consultants have been involved in countless version upgrades, and have learnt the hard way the pitfalls and common mistakes that can derail a process that can at times seem overwhelmingly vast and complex.

Our front-line experience of the Teradata upgrade process has given us the insight to identify steps that could otherwise be overlooked; and our Application Development resource capacity allows us to focus on the finest details of an existing Teradata system. Our team's know-how can ensure the success of a Teradata upgrade and that your data warehouse remains accurate and intact.

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