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AWS Redshift

Redshift is the AWS data warehouse service.

Launched in late 2012, AWS Redshift is built from technology originally licensed from ParAccel, which in turn was derived from PostgreSQL. Redshift is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database designed specifically to support data warehousing.

Parallel PostgreSQL

Like other analytic platforms such as Netezza and Greenplum, Redshift is essentially a parallel processing version of the open source PostgreSQL database. There’s nothing wrong with that — in fact, we’re big fans of the newer players in the MPP analytic space.

The team at VLDB have been developing applications for 'parallel Postgres' systems since the early 2000s; a full decade before Redshift was released.

Joining Netezza and Greenplum, Redshift marks the latest edition to VLDB's unique 'parallel Postgres' skill-set.

MPP Is Different

General purpose databases such as SQL Server or Oracle were developed for traditional non-clustered SMP computing architectures.

Specialist analytic databases such as Redshift were specifically developed to exploit the 'scale out' capability of clustered MPP architecture. Although MPP brings undoubted scaling benefits compared to SMP, it also demands new skills.

Like all MPP databases, to use Redshift efficiently demands knowledge of concepts such as cluster design, data distribution styles, distribution keys, data sorting and compression — all before any queries have been submitted to the system!

The team at VLDB have been developing applications for MPP systems like Redshift for decades — as far back as Teradata in the 1980s. From the early 2000s onwards, we have developed applications for many clients based on 'parallel Postgres' systems such as Netezza and Greenplum.

Don't leave it to chance — call in VLDB, the MPP experts.

VLDB Data Sorting

Redshift Professional Services

The Redshift professional services offered by VLDB include the following:

  • Redshift Configuration & Setup
  • Application Design, Development & Support
  • Logical, Physical & BI layer (semantic) Data Modelling
  • Database Administration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Training

Redshift Blog Articles

We originally blogged about Redshift as far back as Q1 2013, but more recently in Q1 2017.

Redshift Take-Away

If your current RDBMS is struggling to cope with the demands of your business or organisation, but the high cost of MPP technology is holding you back, we can help.

Contact VLDB today to learn more about how Amazon Redshift could be the solution you've been looking for.