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VLDB Greenplum Services

Greenplum Database (GPDB)

Pivotal Greenplum is an open source MPP RDBMS based on PostgreSQL technology. Developed by the Greenplum company in the early 2000s, both the technology and the company were acquired by EMC in 2010. Eventually in 2015, Greenplum was made open source by Pivotal, becoming the world’s first open source MPP Data Warehouse.

This means that unlike Teradata and Netezza, that ship as a combined hardware and software database appliance, Greenplum is available as platform-agnostic MPP database software, as well as a combined appliance.

VLDB & Greenplum

VLDB Solutions have been developing applications for MPP systems such as Teradata and Netezza for decades. As a part of our mission to provide the highest quality Big Data management services available, we were early adopters of Greenplum following its first release in 2002-03. Over the last decade we’ve deployed Greenplum systems on all manner of hardware, Linux and OSC operating systems, and from single-node to multi-Terabyte clusters.

Greenplum in the Cloud

For any business or enterprise, the adoption of MPP RDBMS technology is limited behind the significant capital expenditure required to acquire and develop the architecture. However, VLDB Solutions have designed, built, and optimised the deployment of Greenplum in the cloud as part of our Greenlight service — enabling us to provide scalable, fixed-price MPP capability without the CapEx limitation.

VLDB are the only independent UK consultancy offering this level of Greenplum expertise.

Greenplum Services

The Greenplum services offered by VLDB include the following:

  • Application Design
  • Application Development
  • Application Support
  • Logical Data Modelling
  • Physical Data Modelling
  • Semantic Data Modelling
  • Database Administration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) planning, design & implementation

Greenplum Blog Articles

The following Greenplum articles published via the VLDB Blog should give an insight into VLDB’s Greenplum knowledge.

Greenplum Take-Away

If your current RDBMS is struggling to cope with the demands of your business or organisation, but the high cost of MPP technology is holding you back, we can help.

View our full Greenplum Proof of Concept here.

Contact VLDB today to learn more about how Greenplum in the cloud could be the solution you've been looking for.