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Tableau Software

Data Visualisation

Exploring and analysing data can reveal patterns in the behaviour of customers, trends in the demand for certain products, and flaws in key business processes. However, displaying this analysis can be equally as challenging as undertaking it.

In their own words, Tableau Software 'help people see and understand their data'. For Big Data sets even aggregated, streamlined, and fully-realised data can be overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. Tableau Software's visual dashboards offer countless graphical solutions to interactively interrogate this analysed data across a wide variety of platforms, providing users with the functionality to adjust date ranges, apply filters, and dive deeper into graphs, charts, and tables.

VLDB Data Visualisation

Revealing Your Data

VLDB Solutions are experts in Big Data; its management, its development, and its analysis. When the time comes to display to our clients the hidden truths within their data, our partnership with Tableau Software allows us to provide granular, responsive visualisations, built on our foundation of decades of Big Data experience.

Our industry know-how enables us to identify details and mysteries that could easily be overlooked in your aggregated and analysed data — giving you the peace of mind that the reports you receive are complete and accurate, and that no detail crucial to your business has gone amiss.

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