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VLDB Data Warehousing Experts

Data Warehousing Experts

At VLDB, we are specialists in the field of Enterprise Data Warehousing. We believe that accurate business decisions can only be made when all of the data of an enterprise is integrated and analysed as a single set, providing a ‘single view’ of the business.

Teradata technology is at the forefront of this industry, enabling businesses to integrate data from across the enterprise in real time. Only this single, accurate, and current view empowers the most detailed business analytics.

Our UK-based Teradata consultants are experts at designing, building, and analysing Teradata systems, having worked with the technology for over two decades.

Teradata Consultants

Teradata, the leading solution worldwide for Enterprise Data Warehousing, is VLDB Solutions’ core skill set. Teradata’s release in the early 1980s introduced Massively Parallel Processing to the world of database management, and the technology has been at the cutting edge of that ever-expanding market ever since.

VLDB’s principal Teradata consultants have been developing the technology since it first arrived in the UK in the late 1980s, and are industry-recognised experts – each being a Certified Teradata Master for over a decade. With their guidance, know-how and hard-won expertise, our Teradata consultants in our UK-based Development Centre provide unmatched skill and quality on demand.

Teradata Services

VLDB Solutions offer a number of Teradata-specific services that make the best use of our years of hard-won know-how. These services also include the following:

Teradata Clients

VLDB’s Teradata clients cover the UK, Europe and the USA and a wide range of industry sectors, including finance, retail, and manufacturing.

  • Lloyds (UK, finance)
  • Barclays (UK, finance)
  • ShopDirect (UK, retail)
  • Nokia (Finland, manufacturing)
  • Verizon Wireless/Agilent (US/UK, telecoms)
  • Vodafone (UK, telecoms)
  • Yodel (UK, logistics)
  • Allied Irish Bank (Ireland, finance)
  • Kesko (Finland, retail)
  • Ford Credit (UK, finance)

Teradata Blog Articles

We can’t possibly cover all we know about Teradata, or all the Teradata projects we’ve delivered, via our web site.

The following Teradata articles published via the VLDB Blog should give an insight into VLDB’s Teradata knowledge.

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    When it comes to your project, the business needs of your project are our sole focus.


    Our senior team each average over two decades’ worth of hands-on Teradata experience.


    Great or small, VLDB Solutions will take on any project, and scale our service level to fit.

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