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Hands-on, Tailored, Teradata Training

With VLDB Solutions, you are on a keyboard writing Teradata SQL queries and using Teradata utilities from day one right through to the end of your Teradata training course. We believe there really is no other way to teach this stuff properly. The outstanding student testimonials we receive after each Teradata training course we run are testament to this. We have taught hundreds of Teradata students over the last decade and we have never had a poor student review.

We have taught hundreds of Teradata students over the last decade and we have never had a poor student review.

We promise to not provide an institutionalised instructor delivering impenetrable tech-talk to our students day, after day, after day. You will enjoy our Teradata training. That's a promise.

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Teradata Course Overview

VLDB's most popular Teradata training courses are as follows:

  • TD01 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL (3 days)
  • TD02 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL + Teradata Advanced SQL (4 days)
  • TD03: Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL + Teradata Utilities (4 days)
  • TD04 : Teradata Architecture + Teradata SQL + Teradata Advanced SQL + Teradata Utilities = "Teradata Bootcamp" (5 days)
  • TD05 : Teradata SQL for Business Users (2-3 days as required)

Licensed Teradata Training Material

Our course material for Teradata Basics, SQL, and Teradata Utilities is exclusively licensed from our good friends at Cerulium in the USA, and used worldwide.

Teradata Training How, Where, and When You Want

VLDB's Teradata training is truly flexible, and can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your business or organisation. From the material available, our tutors can create a bespoke course that covers only the subjects relevant to your interests, ensuring that not a moment is spent focussing on areas you don't require.

Our training can be scheduled to fit in with your busy calendar, and can be delivered off-site, or at a Teradata user's premises. For any on-site training, a minimum number of students must attend (usually, a minimum of 5).

All of our training is delivered by Teradata-certified experts, each with a minimum of 10 years hands-on Teradata expertise. And when the course is over, all students are provided with a copy of the full course material - included in the cost - that they can use for future reference as required.

Teradata Training Testimonials

We believe we deliver some of the best, hands-on Teradata training available. But don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our recent Teradata Basics and SQL students had to say:

teradata training testimonials: “Great course. Real world examples were interesting and bring an extra value to the course.” “instructor was ace” “really like course format and balance between lecture and practical work” “simply excellent”

Teradata Training Clients

We deliver Teradata Basics, SQL and Utilities training to some of the largest organisations in the UK & Ireland. Here are just a couple of the companies to whom we have delivered Teradata training recently:


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