VLDB's TeraMover is a full migration service that ‘unsticks’ tera-scale MPP data warehouse platforms and safely converts & migrates all existing system components to a new target platform.

Multi-terabyte, or ‘tera-scale’, data warehouse platforms have been in use for several decades, especially in industry sectors such as retail, finance and telecommunications.

In fact, many current Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) systems can trace their origins back to the 1980’s and 1990’s (Teradata) and early 2000’s (Netezza).

As tera-scale EDW systems evolve, the ecosystem of ‘stuff’ developed and deployed typically grows unchecked. The EDW ecosystem includes ETL processes, databases, tables, views, users, extracts, queries and reports. Mature EDW systems can consist of tens of thousands of SQL scripts & ETL jobs and tens, hundreds, or even thousands of terabytes of data.

Data Warehouses Are Sticky

Technology vendors know how hard it is to migrate to a new data warehouse technology. The highly complex ecosystem of ‘stuff’ that has built up over many years, if not decades, needs to be considered, and potentially migrated to the new target platform.

The complexity of migrating a tera-scale data warehouse platform is central to the ‘stickiness’ of the platform. For most folks, the migration challenge outweighs the benefit offered by the new platform. The net result is sticking what you’ve always had, for no better reason than you can’t pull off a migration.

Is the inability to migrate elsewhere really sufficient justification for staying with your current platform?

Unstick Your Data Warehouse With TeraMover

Based on decades of real-world migration expertise, VLDB’s ‘TeraMover’ data warehouse migration service is targeted at Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) platforms.

TeraMover is currently available for Greenplum, Redshift, Teradata, Netezza and BigQuery and will help you migrate from/to the following combination of MPP platforms:


teramover's Scope:

  • Platform - Platform configuration & sizing, commissioning & testing.

  • Schema - Schema conversion from source to target platforms.

  • Data - Data unload & load scripts based on table size and source & target technologies.

  • ETL - Configuration, commissioning and testing of ETL server with all required utilities. Conversion of ‘ELT’ style SQL code from source to target platform.

  • Schedule - Conversion of IBM JCL decks and Linux/Unix shell scripts from source to target ETL environments.

  • Users & Permissions - Creating of all required database users with required permissions from source system on migrated objects in target system.

  • Monitoring & Management - Setup of all housekeeping, monitoring and management processes required on target system.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Conversion of existing BI reports/dashboards from source to target database platforms.

  • Training - Administration, SQL & best practice training for target system.

TeraMover Is Currently Available For The Following Data Warehouse Platforms:



For Further information on VLDB’s TeraMover as a service download the PDF provided.

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